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Topps is proud to announce, Project 70. Topps is celebrating their 70th anniversary of baseball cards in a very unique fashion. Originally starting as a chewing gum company in 1938, they did not sell their first baseball cards until 1951.

Their very first sets were in packs of fifty- two cards like a playing card deck, labeled as Red backs and Blue backs and could be used to simulate an entire game.

Seven decades later, Topps has teamed up with artists and creatives and together they are revisiting and redesigning  70 years of iconic baseball card designs. Although there are several well known individuals who will be working on this project, some of the names are: Snoop Dogg, Sophia Chang, Mister Cartoon, Bobby Hundred and  UNDEFEATED  just to name a few. 

Topps Project 70

Each designer will have a specific set of players along with general managers and a previous Topps design used throughout the seventy years to help tell their unique story with a twist. 

Each day a total of three cards will be released and will be on the website, for a total of seventy hours. This will continue until all fifty- one artist has released their specialized set of twenty cards, bringing the entire collection to be a total of over one thousand cards. 

Topps Project 70
Topps Project 70

No cards can sell out during the seventy hour duration, but there is a catch; once the time expires, the cards will no longer be available for purchase on Topps’ website. 

Each individual card will be up for sale for $19.99 or you can purchase the bundle of three for $49.99. There is no limit to the number of times you can purchase a single card. There will be a single purchase, a five pack for $62.50 and a ten pack for $125.00.