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Amazfit GTS 2 mini – Latest Stylish Smartwatch and Lightweight Fitness Companion

Amazfit is launching the super lightweight and ultra-slim Amazfit GTS 2 mini to make fashionable fitness available for everyone.

From January 11th-14th 2021, Amazfit will be showcasing the Amazfit GTS 2 mini and unveiling the latest additions to the Amazfit GTS 2 and GTR 2 family of wearables at CES 2021, the most influential tech event in the world.

An Ultra-light, Slim Smartwatch
With its trendy, minimalist look, every element of the ultra-light and slim smartwatch has maximum impact. The Amazfit GTS 2 mini features an Always-on 1.55-inch AMOLED Display with a 301 ppi resolution.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini’s thin 8.95mm body is made from light but tough aluminum alloy, so your powerful fitness companion weighs just 19.5g.

There are more than 50 specially designed watch faces to suit your mood or outfit, and you can also make your smartwatch a true reflection of your personality by uploading a photo and customizing the display with the editable modular dial. 

Effortless Total Health Management 
Make the most of all the amazing features packed into this compact and stylish smartwatch, and keep track of important health metrics. 

The blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement function lets you monitor this vital indicator. Test your SpO2 level when you feel unwell after intense, sustained physical or mental activity, to get a better understanding of your physical condition.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini will issue warnings such as an elevated resting heart rate alert if needed, and the 24-hour high-precision heart rate monitoring function supports industry-leading in-depth tracking of heart health.

Optimal performance starts with quality sleep, so the Amazfit GTS 2 mini assesses your sleep quality by analyzing the light, deep and REM sleep stages during the night, and even naps over 20 minutes during the day.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini also offers female cycle tracking to predict the length of subsequent menstrual cycles, identify fertile days.

Utilizing the power of the innovative PAI health assessment system, the Amazfit GTS 2 mini gives users a single-value PAI score that’s calculated by processing complex data.

With the Amazfit GTS 2 mini, you can keep an eye on your stress level. 

The fitness watch features over 70 built-in sports modes including running, cycling, swimming, and other popular indoor and outdoor sports. While you work out, the Amazfit GTS 2 mini can provide notifications about exercise stages, conditions and heart rate zones, and will generate a sports data report in the Zepp App after you complete your workout. When you’re on the move, the Bluetooth music function lets you control your music without pulling out your phone.

Intelligent Understanding and Assistance
Other handy functions include a Pomodoro timer to boost productivity, quick stress-reducing guided breathing exercises, a Bluetooth camera, and 5ATM water-resistance.

All this and 14 days of battery life with typical use means you can manage your health and lifestyle efficiently, without worrying about carrying around a charger for two weeks. If you’re a heavy user you may have to recharge every 7 days, but when you only engage in basic usage, you can go up to 21 days between charges.

In the US, the Amazfit GTS 2 mini costs just USD $99.99 and is available for pre-order on Amazon from 15th December 2020.

In South Korea, it is also available for pre-order on 15th December 2020. Priced at KRW 99,000, it will be available at Auction and GMarket.

In the UK, the watch costs GBP 79 and is available at Argos from 25th December 2020.

In India, the costs is MSRP 6,999 and is available on Amazon from 26th December 2020.

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