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Angel City Football Club (Angel City FC) is just one year away from its inaugural season and tonight on July 1, 2021 they had their first celebration. This commencement ceremony was their Colors and Crest Celebration held in front of the Banc of California Stadium. 

The event was filled with food trucks such as Pasta Sisters and Krunchy Chicken who also served refreshments. There was also liquor for the crowd of 21 and over to enjoy and celebrate. 

Angel City FC has already got numerous sponsors from: Doordash, Sprouts, Birdies, Heiniken, Therabody, Tecante and Jane Walker, the exclusive women led version of Johnnie Walker. 

Fans from all over Southern California came out to LA to support the new women’s team. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and life as the fans waited in line to buy their exclusive merchandising. Although the jersey’s have not been officially debuted, every fan who was in line was asking, ready and eager to get their hands on one. 

Founding members such as:

Julie Uhrman, Team President and Co-Founder.

Angela Hucles,  ACFC VP of Player Development and Operations and ACFC Founding Investor.

Cobi Jones, Soccer legend, Sports Broadcaster and ACFC Founding Investor.

All expressed their sentiments with the fans and shared their joy for the upcoming season. 

You can also stay in touch with Angel City FC on their website In addition the team is currently taking deposits for season seats and it is starting at just $50, visit to secure yours.