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Veteran UK Melodic Hardcore act DARKO has returned with their  first new release in over five years, ‘The Ladder’.

This track includes new metallic punks, Almeida vocalist, Tom West. West brings a jarring intensity and an unsparing attitude to the south England quintet.

 Former vocalist, Dan Smith had  retired from the band in 2020, after a decade of worldwide touring.

DARKO’s new and improved  incarnation is likely to draw in interest and ears.  The new single includes  fiercely political lyrics across 7+ minutes of progressive thrash.

‘The Ladder’ is available on all digital platforms following the upcoming new EP ‘SPARKLE’, set for release on Lockjaw Records (EU) and Thousand Island Records (NA) this summer .

Fans who want early access to all four tracks can purchase an exclusive 34-minute 4K feature, directed by Benny P.

The exclusive feature also includes  candid interviews and playthrough videos of ‘SPARKLE’ in its entirety. 

Over  the years , DARKO has  become veterans of the UK Punk scene and it’s with normalcy to see them standing as an essential name within the complex world of contemporary Punk and Hardcore.

Urgent and charged with conviction, the band is set to continue contributing to the health of the very scene that made them as they write the narrative of their new chapter.

Paige Jones

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