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Colombian singer and songwriter Digianna just released her very first single called ‘Fuera De Control’ along with its music video. 

The songs lyrics are about first love, the kind that teenagers get when they’re first in love and do crazy things. 

Her single is setting a tone that looks promising to Digianna as an up and coming artist.

Digianna seeks to promote and have her culture present in her music by fusing the rhythms of salsa, cumbia, and merengue to create a dynamic sound.

“I’m thrilled to finally release my first song, this has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember” said Digianna. “To have my family and friends be such a big part of it is just the cherry on top – it adds a deeper sentiment to the song and further excites me for my career,” she added.

Digianna came up with the concept of her music video and it was directed with her childhood friend, StatusMedellin. 

The music video for “ Fuera De Control” was made and produced by Digianna’s closest friends and family. 

Her childhood friends are featured as they make an appearance throughout the music video.

Digianna’s mother and Melissa Marin helped contribute with the production while Katty Vargas did the styling. 

The uniform Digianna wears in her music video is the same one she wore as a high school student. In addition, the video takes place in the same school campus that her grandmother attended in Colombia. 

Krunkadelic and Justin Erinn produced the song and Digianna co-wrote it with her childhood friend FocusMusic.