What started off as a promising year, has turned into a horror movie that no one wants to be in. Food, cleaning and basic household supplies are scarce. Hospitals and medical staff are overwhelmed with patients and everyday, we are reminded to practice “social distancing” and home-isolation when and where possible.

We end the days telling ourselves, that this will not become the new normal. Only to wake up to more statistics and updates that make us feel helpless to the epidemic. It has become a world of grey. However, not to J Balvin.

The ever charismatic and optimistic global music star, has blessed his fans with a lyrical color book to feed the soul.

Produced by Sky Rompiendo, ‘Colores’ is the Reggaeton superstar’s fist solo studio album, since his hit 2018 ‘Vibras.’

“Colors are… universal; they’re the first thing we learn before we even learn how to count,” he told Miami New Times this week. “…Every song [on the album] is a different world, and thanks to the work of people like Murakami, I’m able to continue uplifting our Latin culture, our art, our lifestyle, our music, reggaeton, everything.”

This 10 track album, including the already released ‘Blanco,’ ‘Morado,’ and most recently ‘Rojo.” Is filled with lots of feeling and passion, each color having an emotional representation.

You can stream Colores now on all major platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

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