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In an exclusive interview with Muse TV, Mexican actress Maite Perroni talked about her new movie Un Rescate de Huevitos and shared her opinion on the new series Rebelde premiering next year on Netflix.

In her new movie, Un Rescate de Huevitos, Maite Perroni plays “Di,” who must rescue must travel to Congo to recover her stolen eggs before they end up used in a gourmet food event in Africa.

In mid-2021, Netflix announced that they were working on a reboot of Televisa’s telenovela, Rebelde. Fan reaction was across the board, with many curious about how Netflix will tackle a show that defined a generation and launched its starts into global fame. Skepticism then grew to criticism when Netflix published on Instagram a 15sec clip showing its new look and sound. They released the first music video a few weeks later, with the new cast singing the iconic song “Rebelde.”

“I love it! I think it’s incredible. It’s a project that, for me, left me with an experience so extraordinary both professionally and personally,” said Perroni.  

From 2004 to 2006, Perroni was part of an ensemble cast of talented actors who starred in the hit telenovela Rebelde as “Guadalupe ‘Lupita’ Fernandez.” The show revolved around students at a private school who went against the norm – and their strict parent’s wishes – and formed a band that would take the music world by storm. 

This story plot transcended into real life, and Perroni rose to fame as part of the Latin Grammy-nominated Mexican pop group RBD, named after the hit show. As a lead singer, she helped carry the group to worldwide recognition, critical acclaim. She performed in sold-out venues such as Estadio Maracaná in Brazil, Madison Square Garden in New York, The L.A. Coliseum, American Airlines Arena in Miami, Estadio Vicente Calderón in Spain, Auditorio Nacional and Palacio de Los Deportes in Mexico City, among others.

Her time on Rebelde allowed her to flourish into a successful singer and actress, and she quickly began to land leading roles in many Univision productions.

“I think it’s great that there is a new generation that will touch new topics. It’s updated and closer to what is happening today in society. With these new generations that have the world [at their fingertips] and are building their dreams, I think it’s a great time to do it. I hope it goes great. I wish them the best. That they enjoy this process and that it’s a success. I think that we need to enjoy things in their moment, and for me, it was an incredible project, and to this day, it will remain one of the best experiences of my life. So I can’t wish them anything less. They deserve the best and to enjoy it, and I hope they can connect with this generation and enjoy their time.”

Perroni is not the only member of the iconic group to support the new cast. Her co-star Dulce Maria, who played “Roberta Pardo Rey,” voiced her opinion on the Netflix reboot in an interview with morning show Hoy

“Like a lot of nostalgia. Finally, it is like a tribute, and you always have to wish them the best. ‘Rebelde’ was a remake of ‘Rebelde Way’ from the Argentine version. So, I think you always have to allow seeing how a new story comes out, she shared. Adding, “But of course, I know that our generation is super jealous because we grew up with RBD, and it’s still alive. Suddenly hearing that song that is in our DNA sing, that other kids sing it is, as I told you, makes me very nostalgic, but in a beautiful way.”

You can catch Maite Perroni’s new film, Un Rescate de Huevitos, now playing on the streaming platform Pantaya!