Mariana van Zeller On Season Two of TRAFFICKED on National Geographic

NEWS x MUSE on MUSE TV recently welcomed back the host of TRAFFICKED with Mariana van Zeller on National Geographic to talk about season two of the series.

TRAFFICKED with Mariana van Zeller is an original documentary series that explores the complex and dangerous inner-workings of the global underworld, black and informal markets. Each adventure follows Mariana on a mission to follow the chain of custody of trafficked goods, understand how to obtain the contraband, or see the 360-degree view of the trafficking world from the point of view of the smugglers, law enforcement and those caught in the crossfire.

TRAFFICKED with Mariana van Zeller has been picked up for a third season and currently has two episodes left in season two with the season finale on February 2. You can view the what are the upcoming episodes below.

Amazon Mafia (1/26)
Mariana journeys into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to expose the networks responsible for a slew of recent killings and illegal destruction of the jungle. Along the way, Mariana will attempt to uncover an Amazon mafia profiting from “dirty gold” mining and clandestine logging operations.

Fish Pirates (2/2)
Few Americans realize that as much as 30% of the seafood we eat has been caught illegally. Mariana goes inside the global hunt for these fish pirates, who make billions each year while destroying our oceans. Her journey will take her from the ports of Boston and Vigo, Spain, to the west coast of Africa, as she seeks to understand how these bad actors operate and why it’s so difficult to stop them.

You can watch TRAFFICKED on National Geographic Wednesday at 9pm and after it airs on HULU.

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