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Last weekend, during the hour-long pre-show of the Premios Juventud award show “PJ Takeover,” the Puerto Rican rapper Kendo Kaponi performed a four-minute version of “Resistencia.”

Kaponi left the industry in 2017 after facing a two-year sentence in Florida for burglary and assault charges.

Shortly after his release, Kaponi jumped back into music, releasing “Resistencia,” on April 18th. 

In the original seven-minute track, Kaponi reflects on his experience with gun violence and political unrest in Purto Rico. He opens up on the incident that took place the night of his arrest, telling his version of the story.

The song also focuses heavily on the unrest and difficulties brought throughout the new year. He mentions everything from the global pandemic to instability in Puerto Rico and even the death of Kobe Bryant.

Kaponi continues to pursue a career in music, collaborating, and involving himself in the Latin music world. Recently he featured in rapper, Bad Bunny’s YALQMDLG album with “P FKN R.” Additionally, he signed with Latin trap artists, Anuel’s independent music label, Real Hasta La Muerte.