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When modern-day Santa Clause, Chris Cringle (Mel Gibson), runs into financial trouble, he has no choice other than to team up with the U.S. military to build jet fighter parts.

Fatman follows badass Santa Clause and his wife (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) as they prepare yet again for another draining holiday season. If you’re looking for the bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked joyful character we’re so used to seeing, this is not him. Unlike any other, this Santa Clause spends his time shooting, boxing and drinking at the bar.

This Christmas season, Chris runs into a dilema. After receiving only half of his usual government-issued income, based on his number of deliveries, Chris not only struggles to pay his workshop staff but even his electricity bill.

With kids continuing a trend of being unusually naughty, he has no choice other than to deliver only half of his usual gifts.

One of the worst cases yet, spoiled, wicked, rich boy, Billy (Chance Hurstfield.) Throughout the film, Billy proves time and time again, just how troubled he is. From stealing money from his ill grandmother, mistreating his staff and, of course, hiring a hitman to “get even” with the girl who takes first place at his school’s science fair.

When Billy receives coal for Christmas, he does what Billy always does, hires a hitman to kill Santa Clause.

Although we don’t learn much about hitman, Skinny Man (Walton Goggins), we come to find him, like Billy, has a rough past that brings him to do extreme things.

Beyond the Christmas season being in trouble, Chris struggling to restore his holiday spirit. Stressed, tired and on the brink of his moral values, Chris considered quitting.

Now, he is being hunted down day in and day out by determined Skinny Man. Skinny man searches across Stateline, taking extreme measures to find Chris. Throughout the film, we learn just how deep his grudge against Christmas and Santa Clause goes.

When the hitman finally gets to Chris, the action-filled confrontation shows just how badass Santa Clause really is. Unfazed, Chris takes all measures necessary to protect his workers and his home. Clearly, it’s not the first time he’s been in this situation.

Although not the traditional Christmas tale we expect to bring in the holiday season, Fatman is worth the watch. From its action-filled scenes to today’s capitalistic society reflected within the holiday season, the storyline is one to follow. It’s about time we get a twisted version of Santa Clause and a reality check to go along with it.

Fatman is available on digital and on-demand tomorrow November 17.