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This just in K-pop fans, worldwide phenomenon Monsta X has officially release their 9th mini-album ‘One Of A Kind’ last night, including a music video of focus track ‘Gambler.’

The ‘One Of A Kind album features seven tracks, GAMBLER being one of them but there are other songs listed such as Heaven, Addicted, Secrets, BEBE, Rotate, and Livin’ it up which is a Korean version. The title came to fruition to show the fierce style of Monsta X through a stronger teamwork, grand blockbuster scale visuals and movie related music videos.

Speaking of music videos, the focus track ‘GAMBLER’ not only leads fans into a world of rising tension and guitar riffs but the fatal masculinity of Monsta X and beast-like appearance along with lyrics referring to “love as a gamble.” It shows an exchanged glance between lovers, while exploring irresistible feelings and a strong attraction where it lead to a point that one is ready to bet on everything. When it comes to gambling, there maybe be money involved but in Monsta X case it features irresistible love. As for the message behind GAMBLER, there is a suspenseful game and in the music video it showcased the mysterious mood of a beloved women and the emotion of a man falling into her while eyeing each other. The story actually takes place within a secret auction which is held to sneakily deliver an odd thrill in a density plotted composition and also having a mysterious mood related to a crime movie.

Joohoney who is the lead rapper of the group stated that the track “is a song that’s unforgettable; a song that you keep wanting to listen to; a song that you want to repeat after. I’d like to say its literally the best song.” While Joohoney was proud of the songs success, the Billboard also mentioned some interesting takes about the tracks music video. They stated “the Ocean Eleven-style heist visual for the finger-snapping R&B slow-burner finds the six-piece band playing a team of bespoke thieves scheming to steal a treasure from an auction and blacking out the city with a bomb.” The GAMBLER music video has already gone viral by a total 5 million view on YouTube.

The members did expand their musical territory by participating in composing, producing and writing the song throughout the whole album. Rapper Joohoney contribute to be the main producer of not only GAMBLER but also the rest of the track list. Including Rapper I.M who recently dropped his first solo mini- album Duality also left his name on credits throughout the whole album. One of the songs that I.M helped write, composed and arrange was “Rotate” which in a statement he said “the track is about flowing chemistry, which doesn’t require further explanation.” As well as Hyungwon, another member who also participated in producing but for the track “BEBE.” Hyungwon mentioned that it was a great opportunity to make his dream come true.

“I’ve always wanted to write a song dedicated to my fans, and this was a great opportunity for me to make that wish come true. I want them to feel loved by me, and us Monsta X, and realize how much we love and think of them,” Hyungwon said.

‘One of A Kind’ marks the band’s first Korean Album released of 2021, following the Fatal love back in November 2020; as Teen Vogue mentioned as a “flashy hit.”

Catch Monsta X’s mini-album now streaming on both Spotify and Apple music. Stay tune for more upcoming content.