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Representing Colombia, the bros Natan and Shander come stronger than ever after “Toque de Queda.” Their song “Poblado,” became one of the most important songs of 2021 in the Latin Music Industry, which also reached 150 million reproductions in all digital platforms.

Now with the “Poblado Remix,” having the participation of worldwide artists such as Karol G, J Balvin and Nicky Jam, the song brings these artists together after they accepted the original version of the song and the big moment these new artists are living, which were signed under La Industria Inc and Black Koi discography. 

In this new version, the original artists from the song are also included, such as: Totoy El Frio y Crissin, who joined Natan and Shander to become part of “the new generation of Colombian reggaeton artists,” in the words of none other than J Balvin.

The music video was filmed in Medellin, Colombia and since the beginning, the filming brought a lot of the fans attention after they saw what big artists were present. 

With this evolution in their music and other projects, “The Bros” seek to show new talent nationwide and internationally. 

“Poblado Remix” is now available worldwide in all digital platforms, along with their music video, which can be seen through their YouTube channel, as they become the new Colombian idols.