Paloma Mami Debuts Her New Single ‘For Ya’

Paloma Mami surprised her fans by  releasing her new song ‘For Ya’ along with a music video.

‘For Ya’ is a bilingual hit song that was directed by The Movement and Nico Alarcos. 

In the video , Paloma is dancing by herself under a really bright light while still moving to the beat of her new song. The visuals in the music video make the song vivid.

She delivers a strong and emotional verse in spanish before she transitioned to an up-beat english verse. 

“When I describe ‘For Ya’ to anyone, I simply say, ‘It’s such a vibe.’ I think my past songs have been a bit more up-tempo and, although I feel every song I release is different from the ones before, ‘For Ya’ is different also because it’s about how someone makes you feel when you’re in love and you’ll do anything for them,” said Paloma.

“I wanted the video to also express that same vibe and feel like you were in a trance while listening and watching without doing too much…just minimalistic and cinematically pleasing,” she added. 

Paloma did a massive collaboration with the Jamaican-American electronic dance music trio Major Lazer  with their song “Que Lo Que”. It has 5.5 million views on Youtube.

She also received a critical acclaim with Teen Vogue. “She draws from the throaty vocal tonality of Bossa Nova, jazz, and R&B singers, layers in urbano beats, and samples here and there from reggaeton classics. The result is a sound that’s extremely the wave.” they said.

“Paloma Mami reps for the up-and-comers in reggaeton, trap and Spanish-language R&B,” said Complex.

The Multi Platinum New York Chilean star is working on her full-length debut album. Her album is set to be one of the biggest records  in her career.

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