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Chicano Hollywood, a digital media platform and content producer focusing on Hispanic and Chicano content, is announcing a premiere event for their newly acquired “Latin Kings of Comedy” brand and has partnered with Comedian Paul Rodriguez to launch the 20th Anniversary Tour of the Latin Kings of Comedy.

The tour will feature Paul Rodriguez and his “Royal Court” of Latino comedians including MADtv’s Johnny Sanchez, a Latin Kings of Comedy alumnus, Joey Medina and Dry Bar Comedians Dennis Gaxiola, Gilbert Esquivel and much more.

For decades our Latino community has been overlooked from the big screen to the stand-up stage but 20 years ago the Latin Kings of Comedy led by Paul Rodriguez, put Latino comedians on the main stage of American audiences,” said Johnny Murillo, Founder of Chicano Hollywood. “That tour opened many doors for Latino comedians across the nation. At Chicano Hollywood, our mission is to amplify and platform the Chicano voice in every space of culture including the stand-up comic scene and what better way to do that then to revive the Latin Kings of Comedy to pave the way to a new era of Latino presence into the hearts of America and the world.”

Paul Rodriguez is committed to Hispanic content and giving a voice to the Chicano and Hispanic community. “Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority, yet they’re not represented in appropriate numbers on television,” said Paul Rodriguez. “If Hollywood doesn’t give us a part, we must make our own. I can’t believe it has been 20 years, but the Latin Kings of Comedy are back on stage and excited to see the fans.” 

“The world just came out of a life changing pandemic that brought a lot of heartache and loss to our Chicano community, so the timing of this tour is so perfect. Our mission is to put the smile back on the faces of our Chicano familia,” said Murillo. 


Tour Cities:

Lake Elsinore, CA – March 25 – Tickets on Sale 

Visalia, CA – March 26 – Tickets on Sale

Las Vegas, NV 

Atlantic City, NJ  

San Jose, CA 

San Ramon, CA 

Houston, TX 

San Antonio, TX 

El Paso, TX  

Denver, CO 

Albuquerque, NM 

Ontario, CA

Fresno, CA