Premier Rugby Sevens Announce Team Names and Logos

New Premier Rugby Sevens League, set to debut on Oct. 7 with the announcement of the team names and logos. The new Sports league will feature men and women U.S. Olympians and many more throughout the league.

The league has decided to have each team represent different regions across the country. The Lonnies will represent the North. The Team will represent Texas and the plains. Loggerheads will represent the Cascadia. Locals will hold it down for New Yorkers and the Tri-State area. Experts will show out for the Midwest. And finally the Headliners will be the Midsouth. 

Headliners will also be the hosts of the Inaugural Championship Series in Memphis, Tennessee on Oct. 9. 

Headliners, Loonies, Loggerheads and Experts will all launch a men’s and women’s team for each brand at the start of the 2021 inaugural season. The Team and Locals will debut men’s teams making it a total of 10 teams for the new league. 

“This type of branding has never been done before in professional sports, having a brand represent a men and womens team… we also took into account where the players were born and raised and wanted them to represent their home regions right”  said Owen Scannell Founder and CEO of Premier Rugby Sevens. 

The high profile athletes that have been confirmed are: Perry Baker, Danny Barrett, Abby Gustaitis, Carlin Isles, Alev Kelter, Ilona Maher, Folau Niua, Naya Tapper, STephen Tomasin and Kevon Williams. 

The Premier Rugby Seven will be teaming up with Fox Sports to televise its inaugural games and season starting on October 9, 2021 in Memphis, Tennessee at the Autozone Park, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT.

Tickets to see the Premier Rugby Sevens Inaugural Championship game live in Memphis are on sale now at

Malik Patterson

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