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Best known as Mona Vanderwaal, the troubling-genius who tormented four teenagers, in revenge for being bullied herself by a missing classmate. Will now be on the one getting tormented by a masked assailant, in her new film “Trespassers.”

In IFC’s new film, Parrish plays “Estelle.” A young woman who goes on a couples retreat with her best friend and her boyfriend. Both couples working through relationship issues, rent a gorgeous house in the desert for a euphoric escape from their daily lives. While Parrish and her long-time best friend “Sarah” played by Angela Trimbur, are looking forward to reconnecting after a period apart. Their boyfriends are immediately wary of one another and tension soon escalated throughout the course of a debaucherous night.

Things take an unexpected turn when an unknown woman, played by Fairuza Balk (The Craft) claiming car trouble shows up. Appearing harmless enough…or so it seems. As the twists and turns pile up, so does the body count in this stylish, blood and neon-soaked thriller.

Written by Orson Oblowitz and directed by Corey Deshon,the film with be released On Demand on July 12.