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The two leading actors starring in the revamped version of the beloved Colombian telenovela Café Con Aroma de Mujer, William Levy and Carmen Villalobos, premiering later this year on Telemundo. Spoke with People en Español and discussed with the magazine why they signed on to the project, where the story begins and insight into their characters.

Levy, who hasn’t appeared in a telenovela in nearly seven years, has been adding many film credits to his resume. Aside from a guest role on Fox’s Star, he has appeared in at least 10 films: Girls Trip, Addicted, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Single Moms Club, the Spanish film for the streaming service Pantaya, Killing Sarai and El Fantasma De Mi Novia, which also featured Carmen Villalobos.

When asked what it is about this project that made him say yes after a seven year hiatus. The Cuban actor said it was the love his mother and grandmother had for the original novela. He tells the magazine. “When I got the offer I asked my mother and grandmother, ‘what do you think?’ My mom sent me a message: ‘how wonderful, when we arrived from Cuba we saw that novela. Sebastian is such a wonderful character, how wonderful!’ That was a factor; I’m doing this novela for my mom and grandma. I haven’t done a novel in seven years.”

Villalobos, who is famous for playing the protagonist role in numerous telenovelas. Has only recently been showing a shift in genres, after reprising her role as Catalina Santana in the narcoseries Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso and as Leonor Ballesteros in El Señor De Los Cielos. This time she will be stepping into the role of antagonist, playing a character she describes as a “very real and human villain.”

“…I said ‘how great to be able to explore a different type of series,’ and, well the topic of the antagonist, for a moment, moved the ground because how fun to not be the good girl all the time, but the one who causes pain.” says the actress. “Although, careful, this villain is very real, and very human.”

When asked what made her say yes, the Colombian actress said it was the opportunity to be part of a novel that is so important to Colombia, that this project is a dream come true.

Two also give insights into who their characters are and what the relationship dynamic between the two is. Sebastian (William Levy) and Lucia (Villalobos) begin the series already in a five-year relationship that soon finds itself threatened by the natural evolution that tends to cause couples to grow apart.

“Lucia loves Sebastion,” tells Villalobos. “The problem is she got too comfortable having him by her side, I think that she forgot to water the relationship so when she notices she goes ‘oops! What happened here.’”

Majority of the plot details have yet to be released – although fans of the original have a pretty good idea of how the story goes.

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