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Cuban actor and Billboard Latin Music Awards co-host William Levy promises a happy ending for his character in Cafe con aroma de Mujer and speaks about the life lessons he learned from his years of playing baseball.

While speaking to the press during day two of rehearsals for the Billboard Latin Music Awards, William Levy gave insight into the grand finale of Café con aroma de Mujer. He explained how his character ended up in a terrible predicament with just a few episodes left. 

As Cafe con aroma de Mujer enters its final week, Sebastian Vallejo (Levy) is in federal custody and awaiting trial for money laundering – a crime he did not commit but is being framed for by his older brother. However, when asked what fans can expect for the show’s finale on Monday, Sept 27, Levy said fans could expect to see a happy ending despite how bleak things look.

“Well Sebastian has gotten into problems by his own fault for being very…how do I put this…haha,” Levy says jokingly. “He’s been a character that, really since the beginning, I had to fight for personally and as an actor too. In various phase’s because he was a character that was a bit difficult for me to understand in the personal sense. But the public has been watching, and I think it’s been complex with these choices that he has made with his life which took him down this complicated path. Thankfully though, little by little we are heading towards the finale and things are starting to unravel in favor of what the fans want and what they always wanted to see.”

This past August, Cafe con aroma de Mujer wrapped production in Colombia. Soon after, William Levy was seen back in Florida filming a new Hallmark movie, South Beach Love, alongside Hallmark veteran Taylor Cole. This film will be Levy’s first Hallmark movie, but the veteran telenovela actor is not one to shy away from trying new things, whether on the big screen or in business. When asked what advice he would give to individuals who are just starting, he said that a person should never be afraid to open their mind to new things.

“I started looking into restaurants and now I have two here in Miami,” he said. “I have a lot of things going on, but the most important thing is to believe in yourself and to keep growing not just as an artist but also a person. I think the only advice I could give someone is to not just listen to negative comments to motive you. I think anything in life can motive you, both negative and positive things. There’s no failure that doesn’t come as a learning opportunity.” He adds, “I played baseball all my life. I think I owe a lot to baseball because it is a game of failure. If you are good three out of ten times then you are a global star, so then seven out of ten times you are a failure. In baseball, I learned a lot of that. I learned to accept failure in my life and to look at it in a positive way. I think it’s important for people to not look at failure as a negative thing but a positive one.”

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