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Up-and-coming Puerto Rican singer, Yari M is on the fast track to stardom with her newly released single, “Te Pienso.” A slow tempo reggaetón and pop mix with lyrics that talk about losing a love yet not accepting the relationship is over and thinking about them constantly.

With descriptive lyrics, Yari M perfectly paints a picture of a situation some can relate to; “I still ask myself what’s the deal // If we both want to, why aren’t we together // What’s happening with you, what’s happening with me // I’m here without you, but I can’t forget you, no,

Directed by Adrian Sánchez Avial and Kiannique Cordero (Yari’s sister), the video show’s the songstress in a dream where she’s reminiscing about a relationship as the shadow of her past love follows her. Its contagious melody and easy-to-learn lyrics paired with the video’s colorful aesthetics draw attention to her sense of creativity and vocal skills.

Yari M broke into the music scene in the summer of 2020 with a fresh new sound that matched her youth and stylish demeanor. Her debut track “Fulana” turned out to be a great start to her career, garnering 1.3 million views on YouTube and positioning her as the next big female act to watch. Her follow-up “Maltrato,” a funky video lyric that took off in Mexico, garnering 1.3 million views.

Following the success of those two singles, she released her first EP, Yo Soy, with six songs, including the track “Freshy.” The song became an instant hit with listeners, and got the attention of reggaetón veteran Randy and popular performer Brray who made a surprise remix.

Now, Yari M is once again proving her versatility and talent in a song that will resonate with many thanks to its relatable lyrics.

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