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Japanese YouTube series, “The First Take,” launched in November of 2019, was created with simplicity in mind. The show is dedicated to challenging artists to deliver an entertaining and impactful performance in one take, in the setting of a white studio, with only a microphone at hand.

However, due to the recent unprecedented times, they have taken to Twitter and Instagram to introduce “The Take Home” that delivers content from the home of the artists. With over one million subscribers and 53 videos, this is another way the series continues to grow and provide for its audience.

‘The First Take” announces “Take Home”. Courtesy of @The_firsttake on Instagram.

On June 26th, “The First Take” presented an online one-take comeback special, staring Stray Kids. Although filmed remotely from Korea, they take over the 43rd episode, performing the Japanese version of ‘Slump,’ ending theme song to the animated television series, Kami No Tou, Tower Of God.

The group, formed by JYP Entertainment in 2017, through the survival reality show, “Stray Kids,” made their worldwide debut in March 2018 with their EP I am NOT, which hit #1 on the iTunes Chart in 10 different countries (US, Mexico, Peru, Finland, Russia, Singapore, Argentina, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand). 

Later that August, they released their second EP, I am WHO, and by late October they dropped their third EP,  I am YOU. Growing more popular with each release, a year later, they kicked off their first world tour, selling out all 13 dates.

They kept this pace throughout 2019, releasing a three-album series, Clé 1: MIROH, Clé 2: Yellow Wood and Clé: LEVANTER.

Still, with all this experience under their belt, Stray Kids members felt the pressure when they walked into the white studio. “I was initially a little nervous when I heard we were to be filmed singing live in one take from start to finish,” said Bang Chang, member of Stray Kids, “but I really started to enjoy myself as I got into the song.” 

A standard performance today includes many elements of entertainment such as choreography, lighting, wardrobe and visuals. ‘The First Take’ strips these elements from artists and forces them to perform on a more transparent and personable level. “I feel as though this new experience has helped us take another positive step forward,” said Chang, “It’s also made us want to work harder than ever at our art and we hope to show our strengths to a great number of people in the future to come.”

This year, they’ve dropped album SKZ2020, which includes 24 tracks from previous recorded EPs and albums, and, most recently, a live performance album Go Live. Beginning to place on the Billboard World Album Chart and according to recent track record, they’re expected to grow throughout the year.