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All seven of BTS members were extremely thankful and grateful to be present at Dynamites Online Global Media day.

They thank their army fans for making their all English hit single “Dynamite” chart to number one at the Billboard’s hot 100 songs.

Most members were in shock and disbelief when hearing the news of their single hitting number one on the billboard charts. 

“When I checked the chart, I wasn’t sure this webpage I was looking at was really real. I am so thankful to all the other members, and being able to be a part of such a milestone is a great honor,” said band member Jungkook.

Jungkook admitted to have received the news the day of his birthday.  

“BTS didn’t think it would be in such a spotlight by a global audience, we had nothing when we started,” continued V. 

Jimin confessed that he cried after receiving the news around 4 pm Until 7 and slept after crying so much, he was thrilled and excited.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

The band members started their career at a small studio in a basement. They are very grateful to be very successful internationally. 

“We had a very small practice studio in the basement. It was just seven of us practicing and working together, and these are all very fresh in my mind. All of the difficulties we had to go through practicing as trainees, training… all these are now pleasant memories, and that really amplifies the joy I have now. I feel that I received some kind of gift,” said V.

BTS next goal is to be able to have a single performance at the Grammy Awards along with being nominated and winning an award. They shared the stage with Lil Nas X at the Grammy’s earlier this year. 

“We went to the Grammys at the beginning of the year and we did a collaboration performance. Now I would like to put on a single performance, just BTS on the Grammy Awards stage. Just getting to perform on the Grammy Awards stage is our goal,” said Suga.

When asked what the army means to them they said they are at number one thanks to the army. They want to always share the good news to them first and they are the reason why they exist today. 

“ARMY is someone who we want to share good news first, and hide sad news. We just want to show positive sides, good things and share good thoughts and good things. It is because ARMY exist, that we exist,” said BTS band member Jin.

In the beginning of the year BTS had plans to go on tour before spring but due to the corona virus outbreak they couldn’t and were angry about it. They want to remember 2020 as a year that they tried their best and had great achievements along the way. 

“In order for COVID-19 to end, so many people are doing their best and trying their best to crack down on this disease. What we can do is to heal these people to the best of our abilities,” said Jimin. 

BTS announced they are working on a second album that will be coming out soon.

Their documentary movie “Break the Silence” will be coming out in theaters on September 10 and  hitting the United States on September 24. The movie will highlight BTS behind-the-scenes of their 2018-2019 Love Yourself World Tour.