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Guaynaa and Cabra  just released their new single called ‘Somos’, the official song for the movie ‘El Cuartito”. The movie is directed by the Argentinian screenwriter Marcos Carnevale who also directed ‘Elsa and Fred.’ 

The Latin Grammy nominee Guaynaa along with the 28th time award-winning producer and artist Eduardo Cabra put together their new released song. 

Artist Gauynaa is the vocalist and Cabra was the one who led the production for the song. Cabra used to be part of Calle 13, a Puerto Rican boy band of step-brothers. 

Cabra and the Puerto Rican Latin Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Sie7e came together to write the song ‘Somos.’

“ It was very special to be able to work in collaboration with Sie7e and Guaynaa on this track. We work a lot with percussion, synthesizers as well as different elements of electronic music. The different instruments found throughout the song are intended to represent different parts of Latin America. It really is a special song,” said Eduardo Cabra.

“ It is an honor to work alongside two talents like Cabra and Sie7e for a film from my homeland. This is the first time that one of my songs has been used as the official song of a movie and I am excited that we were able to create something that is unique and different and I hope the fans enjoy it very much,” said Guaynaa in regards to the song. 

The movie ‘El Cuartito” is about five passengers who get detained and put in an immigration room upon arrival at the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico. All of the five passengers who don’t know each other were detained for completely different reasons. 

Without knowing what will happen to them, all of the five characters will be isolated from the outside world and live in detention. They will unite together to live an adventure that will completely mark their lives before and after. 

“In the film’s storyline, Toti (the Spanish rocker) writes a song while he is detained in ‘el cuartito’ (the small room), we needed a song that understood the meaning of the film and “SOMOS” amplifies the story,” said the film producer Cynthia Wiesner.