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Jay Wheeler is continuing to prove that he is an unstoppable force! His single, “Viendo El Techo,” reached the no.1 spot on Billboard’s Latin Airplay and Latin Rhythm charts.

This song was released following the successful singe “Amor de Febrero,” a powerful ballad that showed Wheeler’s range and proved he can masterfully tackle any genre, opening doors to a brand new sound that Jay continued to explore on “Viendo El Techo.

“I’m so excited that people are listening and connecting with my music. I’m not one to write thinking of charts and numbers, but it does feel nice to get that recognition, and I want to thank all the fans that have made this possible,” Wheeler said.

The music video, directed by Abez Media, tells the story of an all too common heartbreak that most people can relate to; when a partner decides to take a different path in the relationship. The music video shows Wheeler witness what seems to be a love story that takes a surprising turn.

Jay Wheeler performed the song live at this year’s Premios Juventud, where he won the award of “Nueva Generacíon Masculina,” further pushing his career to new heights. “At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I realized it was a big production, and they don’t joke here,” he said exclusively to Muse TV. “I got really nervous, but I thought about my grandmother who passed away, and I know she’s got to be very proud of me from up in heaven.”

Following that night, Wheeler released his third and latest single, “Dos Tragos” (Two Drinks), along with its music video, which was also directed by Media and filmed in a private residence in Puerto Rico.

The video shows Wheeler out for a fun night at the same place where his love interest is having a great time hanging out with her friends. He waits patiently and watches her as she enjoys the night until he finally gets up to dance with her and has an unforgettable night.

2021 has been a successful year for Wheeler, who has continued to rake in massive streaming numbers as he continues experimenting with different genres and sounds.