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Academy Award-winning actress and GRAMMY Award-winning Jennifer Hudson announced a new song entitled, “Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)” from her upcoming film ‘Respect.’

Hudson took to Instagram this morning as she not only tease the song but also revealed her collaboration with a few well know music creators which includes Carole King, Jamie Hartman, and producer from the Black Eyed Peas. Although she helped co-write the song, ‘Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)”highlights her earthquaking range with a seismic crescendo. Right out of the gate, she proclaims, “It’s time for me to sing” over glorious church organ before twinkling piano wraps around her vocals. She mentioned how the creating process is like even when Hudson is also portraying Aretha Franklin.

“Music is such a living and breathing character in this film, as it was in Ms. Franklin’s life,” Hudson said. The process of creating this song was like constructing the greatest tribute I could possibly offer to her spirit. It was the final exhale of this extraordinary project and one that I let out with complete fulfillment. Being able to do so with Carole and Jamie was an incredible privilege. Carole is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and, whether we were trading stories, playing piano together over video conference, or working through lyrics, it was always a masterclass – both in life and music. Jamie and I have collaborated together in the past and it’s always so wonderful to create with him – he is continuously thinking outside of the box in a way that deepens the musical experience in indescribable ways. Our goal was to show that music was always the anchor for Ms. Franklin, in all that she did, and I hope this song illustrates the strength of her voice – both literally and figuratively – which always brought her home.”

As the ‘Respect’ actress expressed her take on the making of “Here I am”, Carole King also shared her perspective about Jennifer Hudson during the collaboration which she happens to be impressed with her outstanding work including Hartman’s part.

King commented, “Writing a song with Jamie Hartman and Jennifer Hudson felt both familiar and fresh at the same time. The process of songwriting continues to amaze me.  One minute there’s nothing, and then a song grows out of the seed of an idea.  The seed was dormant when Jennifer, Jamie, and I first met virtually. Jennifer and I had previously performed together, and I was excited about writing with her for no less than a film called Respect in which Jennifer plays Aretha Franklin! I’m so pleased to have not just one but two songs as part of the soundtrack of Respect-the 21st century song “Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)” and my 20th century co-write with Gerry Goffin, “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman.”

With King, Hartman, and Hudson’s team work they created more than just a track for the film but a special piece to remember Franklins legacy in the music industry. Sylvia Rhone, the Chairwomen and CEO of Epic Records also stated, “What Jennifer, Carole, and Jamie have created together is nothing short of historic. It celebrates the legacy of Aretha Franklin by channeling her spirit and style in an original, no less. As soon as I heard it, I was speechless. It has all the elements of a future American songbook staple.”

“Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)” will be released this Friday and ‘Respect’ hits theaters on August 13 along with  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.