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Colombian and Venezuelan DJ and music producer JAiMES, also known as Juan Pablo Rincón, has launched his first album “Andromeda” after 7 years of experimenting, evolving and carefully curating a soundscape that captures his innovating skills as a music taste maker, not only through his established work as a widely known radio host and DJ, but also now as an emerging producer.

This Andromeda LP showcases ambient electronic tracks influenced by JAiMES’ Colombian and Venezuelan roots intertwined with influences from people from all over the globe who he has gotten to know throughout his years as a radio host, including a special nod to Arabia in a track named “Venezuela”. These crossover inspirations come naturally to JAiMES who was raised in a house full of diverse vinyl records, cassettes, sound equipment, and who actively creates a space for Latin sounds in Montreal through his popular and established radio program called Ozonico Radio.

With “Andromeda” JAiMES takes his next musical step which started in the beginning of 2013. Out of a tremendous list of songs filled with personal stories in a cinematographic soundtrack, he finally decided on this specific track to lead the name of the album: “The Andromeda Galaxy is one of the best recorded pieces in this whole process and in the end I decided on that name because it can work in several languages, and that’s what I’m looking for – the universality in this work – that no one feels excluded but rather I try to include everything I know as culture”.

During the 1990’s, JAiMES amplified his music taste as a DJ playing throughout clubs in Venezuela, Colombia and Canada. In the last decade, he performed in a variety of massive festivals in Canada, such as Festival Independencia de Colombia in Montreal and Festival Venezuela, in front of a total of 30,000 people during his DJ sets. In parallel to his live DJ gigs, being an important and international radio host has allowed him to discover, travel and interview some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Oasis, Alanis Morissette and Mano Chao, to name a few.

Michael Sandoval

Michael created MUSE/MUSE TV after a career in professional sports and journalism. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Don Bosco Technical Institute in which he studied Electronics and Computer Science and California State University, Fullerton in which he graduated with a degree from the College of Communication in Journalism. He is a big Foo Fighters fan, loves Star Wars and loves photography.