Argentine singer-songwriter Sael, released his new single “Verificada” on all music platforms and already the video has reached almost a million views in its first week.

A song that sings to a love betrayal from a man’s perspective. Speaks through a broken heart that has been the victim of betrayal. A feeling that is all too relatable to many fans.

Sael wrote the song himself with Alejandro Patiño – “Mosty” – as the sound engineer and produced by Luis Miguel Comez – “Casta.” And, intelligently, used his Instagram account to communicate with his fans and asked them for lyric suggestions.

“I think everyone at some point has had a relationship in which the other person expects more than they are willing to give and it makes me very happy to release this song because I feel that it happened at a very personal moment in my life, and I needed that connection. I hope that my fans can also connect with this song, just like I did”, said Sael.

Born under the record label Black Koi Entertainment and preserving a classic reggaeton style. “Verificada,” characterizes Sael’s artistic career from the beginning. Coupled with his deep and sensual voice, perfect piano and guitar instrumental “scraps” and, of course, a powerful urban beat.

In as little as 9 months, Sael has managed to conquer the hearts of fans in his native Argentina, Latin America, and now the United States, with songs such as “Mota”, “Anoche” and “Pase lo que pase” featuring Manuel Turizo, Feid, and Andy Rivera.

Additionally, Sael is featured as a “RADAR” artist on Spotify Southern Cone, thus consolidating his rise as a new artist.

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