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Female Mexican vocalist and composer LULÚ, released her new music video of the R&B and Pop single “Mente En Blanco” beginning a new era of her music career. The chorus “ No fue su voz, ni su olor, o su calor, no es tan fácil, saber lo que siento” is the anthem of the song.

The song is about being in love with someone and having mixed thoughts and emotions about them. Her fans may have realized one of her favorite colors is purple, she has a unique singing and fashion style from other young female vocalist.

The music video is inspired 90’s theme as she is using a bedazzled flip phone thinking about whether she should call the man she is in love with. LULÚ has gained a supportive fanbase with over eighty thousand followers on Tik Tok. She is known on the social media app for her English and Spanish covers.

The music video of her new single is below.